npm Enterprise with Nexus

If you are using npm Enterprise for publishing your private packages and wish to use a Nexus repository to set up proxy for your private registry then follow the steps below:

  • Open http://your-host:8081/ in your browser.
  • Sign in with admin credentials (You can create your own user and login with those credentials).

    User Name: admin Password: admin123

  • Click on the Settings icon from the top left menu.

  • Select Repository->Repositories from the left panel options.

  • Click on the Create repository button.

Configuring Nexus as a npm repository.

  1. Select npm (proxy) from the repository list.

    • Add unique repository name.
    • Check the online option (This will allow repository to accept incoming requests).
  2. Add remote storage url. Enter the url of your private registry. E.g http://your_npme-registry-url/

  3. Save the changes.

This blog post provides more detail about configuring Nexus as an npm repository:


  1. Select Security->Realms from the left panel options.
  2. Add npm Bearer Token Realm from available realms to active realms and save the changes.

This blog post provides more detail about authentication in Nexus for npm repositories:

Run npm config set registry {repository path, likely your npm-proxy-repository-url}.

To get your npm-proxy-repository-url go to Repository->Repositories, look for your npm-proxy repository, copy the url by clicking on copy button.

Run npm login npm login --registry=http://your-host:8081/repository/your-npm-proxy-name/.

It will prompt you for:

  • User Name: Enter the Nexus repository username. (If you haven’t created any user then default is ‘admin’).
  • Password: Enter the Nexus repository password. (If you haven’t created any then default is ‘admin123’).
  • Email: Enter your email.

Now try installing your private packages from your Nexus repository.

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