Replicating Redis Session

To enable load balancing on npmE server for allowing users to install packages from replica servers you need to configure Redis session replication.

Redis replication allows slave Redis servers to be exact copies of master servers so that can have the same login across servers.

To replicate Redis session follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your primary server's admin dashboard settings page.

  2. Select Expose Redis For Replication option from left panel.

  3. To enable replication, select Yes in Expose Redis For Replication section and keep the Upstream Redis section blank.

Now go to your secondary server's admin dashboard settings page:

  1. Go to Expose Redis For Replication and select No.

  2. Set the address of your primary server in Upstream Redis section (Please note that port is not required with the address of the primary server).

To check the replication status run sudo docker exec -i npme-redis redis-cli info replication and verify the output shown as below:


To verify the Redis replication, run redis-cli info keyspace on both Upstream and Replica server and make sure the keys count matches on both servers.

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