GitHub Enterprise OAuth2

npm Enterprise allows you to log in to your private registry and website using a GitHub Enterprise OAuth2 Client.

Note: the specialized Github Enterprise Integration supports both authentication and authorization, and may be a better solution depending the type of authorization you have enabled for GitHub Enterprise.

To get up and running with GitHub Enterprise SSO, follow these simple steps:

Server Configuration

There are two basic steps to server-side configuration: creating an OAuth client in GitHub Enterprise, and configuring authentication in npm Enterprise.

Setup OAuth2 client credentials in GitHub Enterprise

  1. Login to your GitHub Enterprise appliance.
  2. Click on Settings, OAuth Applications, Register a new OAuth application.
  3. Fill in the requested information:

    • Application Name: npm Enterprise.
    • Homepage URL: URL of your npm Enterprise website.
    • Authorization callback URL:, where is the address your npm Enterprise website.
  4. Create the application and take note of the values Client ID, and Client Secret.

Configure authentication settings in npm Enterprise

In another browser tab, go to the /settings page of the npm Enterprise admin console (port :8800).

Under Authentication, select OAuth2 and enter the following values:

Config Field Config Value
Client ID Paste value from GitHub Enterprise
Client Secret Paste value from GitHub Enterprise
API Endpoint ```https://your-github-enterprise-server/login```
Token Path /oauth/access_token
Authorization Path /oauth/authorize
Redirect URI Enter the same value you gave to GitHub Enterprise when creating client credentials, e.g., ``````
Scope user
Profile URL ```https://your-github-enterprise-server/api/v3/user```
Email Key email
User Key login

Click Save to save these settings and then Restart now to restart the appliance and apply these settings.

That's all the server-side configuration you need!

Client Login

Client login using SSO behaves differently than other authentication mechanisms, see Single Sign-On Authentication.

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