Using Vagrant


To get npm Enterprise up and running with Vagrant, you first need:

...then we'll help you to:

  1. Download and run the npm Enterprise Vagrantfile

Let's get started!

Step 1: Install npm Enterprise

The Vagrantfile does several things:

  • Updates apt-get.
  • Installs curl via apt-get.
  • Installs Node.js, via NodeSource.
  • Updates npm.
  • Displays Node.js and npm versions.
  • Installs npme globally as the root user, via npm.

Additionally, it forwards the following ports:

Service Port
Administrator Panel 8800
Registry 8080
Website 8081

To start npm Enterprise, simply download the Vagrantfile and run vagrant up.

To SSH into the vagrant image, run vagrant ssh.

Step 2: Configuring npm Enterprise

Open your favorite web browser, access your server on port 8800, and follow the prompts to configure and start your appliance.

For more information on configuring npm Enterprise, read these docs.

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